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Gourmetific™ QuickMelt

Gourmetific™ QuickMelt

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"QuickMelt is truly amazing! I've used it for meat, fruit, and more, and everything comes out perfectly defrosted. It's a must-have for any kitchen gadget collection!''

- Jenna S.

Are you tired of spending hours in the kitchen trying to defrost frozen meat or other foods? Do you want a quick and practical solution that fits your busy lifestyle? QuickMelt is just what you need!

Introducing QuickMelt, the ultimate solution to your frozen food defrosting woes. Unlike other defrosting methods that require the use of chemicals, electricity or microwaves, our product uses a special environmentally friendly material and process that does not require any of these.

It uses a special alloy with a thermal conductivity 20,000 times that of ordinary metals, enabling high-speed heat exchange and natural thawing of frozen foods within minutes. Even hot water is not needed - simply place your frozen food onto the tray and watch as it defrosts up to faster than at room temperature.

Whether you need to defrost chicken breasts, steak, pork chops, lamb chops or any other type of meat, our tray will get the job done quickly and effectively. It can also defrost smaller food items like burgers, sausages, prawns and bacon with ease.

Now is the perfect time to bring convenience and efficiency to your kitchen. With our limited-time offer, 50% off and free shipping. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who are already enjoying the power and convenience of the QuickMelt. Order now and experience the difference in your meal prep routine!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love our QuickMelt, that we're offering a 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Experience the ultimate convenience of the QuickMelt for 30 days, and if you're not completely satisfied with its performance and quality, simply return it for a full refund.

Free Shipping and No Hidden Fees

Gourmetific offers fast and free shipping to various locations worldwide, with no hidden fees, because we believe that efficiency should not come at a cost. Orders typically arrive within the following timeframes:

United States: 3-7 days

Europe & United Kingdom: 4-9 days

Furthermore, we cover all taxes and duties, so you can rest assured that there won't be any unexpected costs at checkout.

How to Use

  1. Place the frozen food on the QuickMelt.
  2. Leave it on the QuickMelt for a few minutes until it defrosts.
  3. Wash the QuickMelt with soap and water after each use.


What types of food can I defrost with the QuickMelt?
QuickMelt is designed to defrost all kinds of frozen food, including meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and more.

How long does it take to defrost food using the QuickMelt?
Defrost times will vary depending on the thickness and size of the food. However, the QuickMelt can defrost food up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, saving you time and effort.

Is the QuickMelt safe for food?

Yes, it's safe for food! The QuickMelt is made of high-quality, food-grade aluminum that is BPA-free and non-toxic materials.

How do I clean the QuickMelt?
Cleaning the QuickMelt is easy. Simply rinse it with warm water and mild detergent, or place it in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

How long will the QuickMelt last?

The QuickMelt is made with durable materials and is built to last. With proper care and maintenance, it will be a reliable and long-lasting addition to your kitchen.


Size: 16.5*23cm

Design: Flow Tank

Safety: BPA Free Food Grade

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