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Gourmetific™ TurboScrub

Gourmetific™ TurboScrub

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 "I can't believe how much time and effort this tool has saved me! It's rechargeable so there's no hassle with cables. I can't imagine going back to using separate cleaning products after using this tool. I highly recommend it!"
-Olivia A.

Imagine arriving to a perfectly clean home every day without spending energy or time. With TurboScrub, this is no longer a dream!

The TurboScrub saves you time and effort on your cleaning tasks, allowing you to spend more time on the activities you enjoy. Whether you're a busy parent with kids to take care of or a single individual with a small living space, this brush will make your life easier.

Thanks to its powerful strength, three replaceable & 360 degree rotating brush heads, you can easily clean a variety of surfaces, including kitchen walls, floors, tiles, furniture, and bathroom fixtures. No more scrubbing by hand, which means less time spent on cleaning and more time for your hobbies, family, or other activities that bring you joy.

With TurboScrub, your hands will no longer be exposed to harsh chemicals, and you'll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a gentle, effective cleaning solution.

But that's not all! This brush is also designed with your convenience in mind. It can be hung on the wall for drainage and storage, saving you valuable space in your home. It is USB rechargeable and cordless, so you can use it easily wherever you want. No more cluttered closets or cabinets filled with cleaning supplies!

Order now and join thousands of satisfied customers who are already enjoying the power of TurboScrub. There's never been a better time to step up your cleaning game with our limited time offer of 50% OFF and FREE SHIPPING. Hurry and order yours today while supplies last!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love our TurboScrub, that we're offering a 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Experience the ultimate convenience of the TurboScrub for 30 days, and if you're not completely satisfied with its performance and quality, simply return it for a full refund.

Free Shipping and No Hidden Fees

Gourmetific offers fast and free shipping to various locations worldwide, with no hidden fees, because we believe that efficiency should not come at a cost. Orders typically arrive within the following timeframes:

United States & Canada: 7-15 days

Europe: 7-14 days

United Kingdom: 6-10 days

Australia & New Zealand: 7-14 days

Ready to clean? Here's how:

First, charge the device with the USB cable until it's fully charged.

Then, select the appropriate nozzle for the area to be cleaned, whether it's a tough stain or a hard-to-reach spot.

Switch on the power button and firmly hold the TurboScrub while moving it back and forth over the surface to be cleaned.

With its powerful strength and various brush heads, cleaning becomes effortless!

After use, turn off the device, wash the head with water, and let it air dry before reinserting it into the device

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


3 Multi-Purpose Brush Heads:

The nylon brush is ideal for tackling large cleaning areas.

Use the microfiber cloth to polish surfaces after washing them.

When it comes to cleaning kitchen countertops, the scouring pad is the perfect tool for the job.

Power supply: USB

Rated voltage: 220 (V)

Rated power: 30 (W)

Color: White

Packing list:

1 X Gourmetific™ TurboScrub

1 X Nylon brush head

1 X Sponge scouring pad

1 X Plush cloth

1 X USB charging cable


What types of surfaces can I clean with the TurboScrub?
It can be used safely in TurboScrub, aspirator, kitchen counter, cooker, oven, pots, dishes, refrigerator, bathroom, tiles and even your delicate shoes.

How durable are TurboScrub's heads?
The TurboScrub heads are made of high quality materials and are durable for a long time. You can use it safely even in the toughest areas.

Can TurboScrub be used outdoors?
Definitely! TurboScrub is versatile and can even be used outside for your floor mats or vehicle.

How do I use different headers in TurboScrub?
The TurboScrub comes with 3 replaceable heads that are easy to replace. Choose the nozzle you need for your dirty areas and enjoy the feed.

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